The High Performance Butterfly Valve
with Innovative HEXO Honeycomb Disc Design –
Your Economical Alternative for Demanding Applications.


In contrast to centric butterfly valves, the double eccentric sealing principle of the new ZEDOX® (double shift of the pivot point) reduces the angle of the disc when it enters into contact with the seat sealing ring and relieves that metallic sealing when opening.

The Innovative HEXO Disc Design by ARI-Armaturen

The HEXO honeycomb disc design is registered and unique worldwide. The individual honeycombs on the back of the valve disc ensure a significant optimisation and calming of the flow downstream of the entire valve. In addition, the new honeycomb disc design leads to significantly improved KVS values, which are up to 35 % higher than those of standard High Performance valves. The honeycomb disc is manufactured to the highest quality. Up to and including DN 500, investment casting is used. The disc offers excellent aerodynamic properties due to the intelligently rounded shaft and pin design and is thus the perfect choice for various water and steam applications.

Your Advantages with the ZEDOX® High Performance Valve

  • Functional safety even under challenging operating conditions (reliably tight at temperatures from -40°C to +260°C, PN 10 to PN 40 as well as ANSI Class 150).
  • By reducing the contact pressure and minimizing friction, ZEDOX® offers a long service life.
  • The streamlined bearing and shape of the valve disc stands for a high-energy efficiency.
  • The protection of the seat-sealing ring against the influence of negative medium flow creates a long service-life of the ZEDOX®.
  • The low torques guarantee a perfect handling.
  • Easily automated via actuation interface acc. to ISO 5211.
  • ZEDOX® accomplishes leakage rate A acc. to EN 12266, API 598 (bi-directional), soft-sealing (type TS), metallic sealing (type CS) with leakage rate B.
  • TSO tight-shut-off end stops as a standard feature for safe closed position even with bare shaft.
  • Blow-out proof shaft provides extra safety.
  • Pressure-temperature rating acc. EN 1092, company standard.
  • Approvals acc. Firesafe and ATEX.

Further Variations of ARI ZEDOX®:

Wafer Connection
Type 120

» Download Datasheet Type 120

Butt Weld Ends
Type 121

» Download Datasheet Type 121

Double Flanged Connection
Type 122

» Download Datasheet Type 122

Fully Lugged Connection
Type 123

» Download Datasheet Type 123

For more information about our ARI-Armaturen ZEDOX® product range feel free to contact us.

ZEDOX® HEXO Technical Data & Features
Performance features at a glance

Design: EN 12516, PED, API 609

Flange connection:* EN 1092, ASME 16.5, ASME 16.47, GOST

Butt weld ends:* DIN EN 12627, ASME B16.25, GOST

Nominal diameter:*

  • Wafer type DN 80-800 / 3" up to 32"
  • Butt-weld ends: DN 200-1600 / 8" up to 64"
  • Double flange: DN 200-1400 / 8" up to 56"
  • Fully Lugged Type: DN 80-800 / 3" up to 32"

Nominal pressure:* PN 10-40 / Class 150

Sealing systems: soft-sealing with PTFE sealing ring (TS version), metallic sealing ring (CS version)


  • Cast carbon steel (1.0619+N / SA216WCB)
  • Cast stainless steel (1.4408 / SA351CF8M)

Temperature:* -40°C up to +260°C

Flow media: Liquids, gases, vapours

Actuators: Manual gearbox, pneumatic, electric and hydraulic actuators

*Other designs on request.

Tight sealing up to max. +260°C with metallic sealing ring (CS type)

Minimized friction via reduced contact pressure of the disc and the metallic sealing ring

Tight sealing up to max. +180°C with PTFE sealing ring (TS type)

The protection of the seat sealing ring against the influence of negative medium flow creates a long service life of the ZEDOX®

Bi-directional tightness: The medium pressure supports the flexible metal sealing ring to follow the disc during the transition to be compressed in a way that it is almost equal to both flow directions.